Winter Weather Update:
Helping Your Home Brave the Elements

With wintry weather conditions still gripping many regions, it’s the perfect time to review preventative measures to help protect your home and family. After several months of cold temperatures and with snow loads accumulating over extended periods of time, your home can become more susceptible to weather-related damage. It’s never too late to double check your preparedness and make sure your home has optimal safety and protective measures in place.Following are tips to help protect both your family and your home. Continue reading

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Prepping the Winter Home

This winter, 65 percent of Americans are planning to pack their suitcases to escape Mother Nature’s whims and caprices – meaning their homes and valuables will be left unattended and vulnerable to winter damages. As a first line of defense, … Continue reading

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Frozen Pipes Can Lead to Flooding

Plumbing located within exterior walls or unheated crawl spaces is most vulnerable to freezing or bursting. These precautions can help prevent damage to pipes and subsequent flooding:

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