5 Ways to Strengthen Your Home’s Defenses Against Wildfire

In many parts of the US, wildfire threatens homes and businesses alike. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about 9.8 million acres burned in the 2017 period, and 8,700 structures were destroyed in Northern California alone.

A structure can be threatened in three ways: direct exposure to flames, radiated heat, and airborne firebands. According to the National Fire Protection Association, airborne firebands, such as ember fall-out, account for the majority of structures affected by wildfire. Embers are burning pieces of airborne wood and/or vegetation that can be carried more than a mile via wind and can cause spot fires and ignite homes, debris and other objects. Continue reading

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When the Power Goes Out, Can You Get Out of Your Garage?

Power outages are common occurrences in many parts of the country and their frequencies have been steadily rising over the years. Occasional outages can be a nuisance and disruptive to our lives but they can also pose serious life safety risks especially during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires.

One way to help ensure continuous operation of garage doors and timely evacuations during power outages is to install backup batteries on the garage door openers. Continue reading

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Plant a Garden, Not a Fire Threat

Spring is in the air and the planting season is underway. Gardens are being planted across the country, yet there is an underlying threat that is not top of mind with many – the threat of a mulch fire.

Mulch is widely used in landscapes for both aesthetic and functional purposes, and is applied frequently in spring to help slow the loss of soil moisture during the hot summer months, discourage weed growth, reduce soil erosion and dust, and maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Mulch can be made from a variety of materials including ground rubber, pine needles, oat straw, shredded bark nuggets, composted leaves, ground recycled pallets, etc. However, despite its benefits, mulch can pose a fire hazard. Continue reading

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Great Walls of Fire!
Fencing Considerations for Wildfire Prevention

Fences (and walls) have been around since ancient times. They are functional, provide privacy, and keep cities, businesses and homes secure. However, during a wildfire, a fence may do more harm than good.

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The Heat Is On! – Protecting Your Home against Wildfire with Defensible and Survivable Space

Many parts of the southwestern United States have already experienced record-breaking heat, and indications point to more of the same in the months ahead. As a result, all of that green, lush vegetation that sprouted this spring is now curing and rapidly drying out. The result is a light flashy fuel that is easily ignited and can quickly spread fire to other vegetation, trees, and unfortunately for too many, their homes. Continue reading

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Could Your Driveway Gate Lock Out Emergency Responders?

Perimeter walls, gates and fences do a great job of maintaining privacy, but these physical barriers could also delay help during an emergency. When a call for help is received, first responders need immediate access to gated properties – and … Continue reading

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Prevent Wildfires – Do A Fall Cleanup!

We’ve all heard of conducting a spring cleanup around our homes – but what about a fall cleanup? As fire season seems to linger on longer every year, homeowners should understand that the best way to protect themselves from the … Continue reading

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Resistive Building Materials For Wildfire Defense

Advances in construction materials over the years have added an extra layer of security for those who are building or renovating homes in high-risk wildfire areas.

Continue reading

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Chased by Fire

Wildfires can move swiftly and leave a path of destruction. Often, homeowners are forced to evacuate their homes quickly as burning embers drop from the sky. At other times, homeowners have days to prepare for an evacuation.

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Declare Independence from Wildfire

Fireworks, barbecues and campfires are some of the most popular activities for Americans as they celebrate Independence Day. They are also three activities that can inadvertently start wildfires. As record heat grips much of the United States this July, firefighting … Continue reading

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