Fears and Facts: A Closer Look at Travel Dangers

From acts of terror to Zika, safety threats can prevent people from vacationing overseas. Yet, fear can be a healthy response to risk. It can motivate us to do research, learn the facts, and put the risks into perspective.

Getting the facts about your intended destination can keep you safer and make your experience much richer. Before you go: Continue reading

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Traveling with Jewelry?
Four Safety and Security Tips

Want to take your favorite jewelry with you on your next trip? You may be thinking twice after the highly publicized robbery of Kim Kardashian West in Paris. Before you go, consider these safety tips:

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Summer Travels That Include Peace of Mind

It is predicted that U.S. airlines will carry a record 231 million passengers this summer. But while most travelers are routine in their wanderings, venturing to usual tourist destinations or someplace with a beach or picturesque mountains, travel to underdeveloped … Continue reading

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Smart Student Adventures

Studying abroad is a life enriching experience. Thousands of students take advantage of study abroad programs, which have more than tripled over the past 20 years. However, alongside the fun and excitement, come risks.

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Bon Voyage, Fido!

Summer vacation doesn’t have to mean leaving the family pet behind, but before you head to the airport, keep the following in mind:
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Studying Abroad

If you or your child is planning on studying abroad, chances are you’ve been warned of the risks. Between news stories highlighting trips gone wrong, guidelines set in place by colleges, and plain old common sense, there are some things … Continue reading

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