Do You Need a Social Media Policy for Your Nanny?

For many, social media has become an integral part of daily life – both in and out of work. While using social media may be necessary in some jobs, one in 10 workers spends more time on the Internet than … Continue reading

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‘Till Death Close Our Account

The social media accounts of recently deceased people provide a forum for family and friends to exchange sympathy and memories, but can also be an attractive target for identity theives. Continue reading

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Personal Posts: Are You Protected?

Have you ever posted a controversial comment on Facebook or Twitter, confident that you were protected by freedom of speech?  You might want to think again. Social media liability doesn’t just fall on companies, it also falls on individuals.  Here are … Continue reading

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Libel Goes Viral: Personal Injury and Use of Social Media

For years, a recommended solution to disappointment and anger was “the unsent letter.” The aggrieved would write a letter to the person or organization with whom they were upset and then simply file it away in a drawer. The time … Continue reading

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