Preventing Sewer Backup with Sewer Backwater Valves

One of the last things a homeowner wants to experience is a sewer backup. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can cause significant property damage and create health hazards. Fortunately, you can help prevent sewer backups by installing a backwater valve.

Backwater valves, also known as back flow valves, are an easy-to-install and economical solution to help protect yourself and your family from contaminated sewer water backing-up into your home. The backwater valve is used to prevent outbound sewer water from a home’s drain pipes from re-entering — “back flowing”— into the home. The valve contains a flap that allows water to exit the home, but closes to prevent the back flow into the home.
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Sewer Back-Ups Stink

Backups can be caused when heavy rains or flooding overload municipal sewer lines and force water back through pipes connected to the sewage system or by clogs in individual pipes. Contaminated water can enter floor drains, toilets and showers, potentially damaging your home or belongings. Continue reading

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