Sapphire: The Stone of Romance and Royalty

Sapphire, the birthstone for the month of September, is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a wide array of colors with the most popular being blue. Indeed, it is widely held that the word ”sapphire” is derived from the Latin word “Saphirus” and Greek word “Sapheiros,” both meaning blue. Others believe the name sapphire is derived from its association with the planet Saturn as it can be roughly translated to mean “Dear to the planet Saturn.”

Sapphires are primarily mined in Madagascar, but can also be found in Eastern Australia, Eastern Africa, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Montana. At one point in time, Madagascar produced more than half of the world’s supply of sapphires. Continue reading

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Peridot: The Evening Emerald and Gem of the Sun

Peridot’s beautiful olive green color has subtle variations, but, unlike most gems, it is only found in one color. And it is due to that unique green color that it is known as the “evening emerald.” It is also serves as the birthstone for the month of August.

Peridot is the gem variety of the mineral olivine. Peridots, like diamonds, are unique in that they are the only gemstones that are brought to the earth’s surface through volcanic activity. An idiochromatic gem, the green color is determined by the stone’s chemical composition, and the depth of the tone of green depends on the iron content. Most peridots are yellowish green, so it’s not surprising it is also known as the “gem of the sun.” However, the most desirable color is green. Any hint of brown tones represents a lower quality peridot.
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Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Rubies

The month of July conjures up the idea of simmering days, the freedom of summer vacation, and patriotism in the U.S. with 4th of July celebrations culminating in spectacular firework displays countrywide. Appropriately, July birthstone is the fiery red ruby, which symbolizes life, courage, passion, and protection. Continue reading

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Big, Bold, Beautiful: Takeaways from the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show

Most people go to Las Vegas to try their luck at the slot machines and take in a show. When my colleague and I make our annual pilgrimage to Sin City, it’s to surround ourselves with the most gorgeous jewelry in the world. From June 5th to June 8th, JCK hosts its annual jeweler’s wholesale show, where jewelry store owners and major department store buyers converge to see and buy the latest jewelry trends. Over 2,000 vendors showcase loose gemstones, watches, finished pieces of jewelry, and everything the jewelry trade needs to create and sell their merchandise. Continue reading

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The World’s Most Valuable Earrings

The most expensive earrings in the world sold at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels & Noble Jewels auction last month for $57 million – and they don’t even match!

A stunning pink pear-shaped diamond matched with a flawless blue pear-shaped diamond, both suspended by two beautiful white diamonds, were known as Apollo (blue) and Artemis (pink)—after the twin brother and sister who are among the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. Continue reading

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Moonstone Daydream

Moonstones have been revered by ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Romans, and the ancient Orient. Many still believe these stones hold the power of love, fertility, and even sleep. The stone is said to have a calming influence, with the moving inner light providing a focus for meditation. Continue reading

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Green with Emerald Envy

The month of May brings blooming flowers and warm weather, which is why the vibrant green color of an emerald represents the month as its birthstone. Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink: Pink Star Diamond Sets New Record

The second time’s the charm for Chinese retail jeweler Chow Tai Fook. The company acquired the Pink Star diamond in a heart-pounding, five-minute bidding war with two other potential buyers earlier this month – the second time this headline-grabbing gemstone … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bakelite Jewelry

Springtime brings a renewed interest in bold jewelry styles, which often includes antiques. The materials from yesteryear can be different and collectible – and Bakelite is one such example that is beloved for its vintage and colorful style.

Bakelite, which was invented in 1907, was a popular material for jewelry during the 1930s and early 1940s. It is a type of plastic made of phenol and formaldehyde, and is often referred to as a resin. Unlike other types of plastic, Bakelite was formed into shapes, and not poured into molds.
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Spring For Diamonds

For those lucky individuals born in April, the diamond, a symbol of love, is the modern birthstone in the United States, Britain, and India. Traditionally, this gemstone, thought to be a symbol of good luck and protection against misfortune, was chosen for April in old Hindu and ancient Polish calendars and was also the zodiac stone for Aries. Continue reading

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