A DIY Guide to Creating a Home Inventory

Hoping that your home will never be affected by water damage, fire or theft won’t lessen your risk. If catastrophe strikes, consider how difficult it would be to recall every possession that you own. That’s why proactively taking a home inventory is so important. Continue reading

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Art – Inside and Out – Protecting Outdoor Sculpture

Art is now more frequently being displayed and enjoyed both inside and outside of the home. If you invest in outdoor sculpture, developing a solid plan for protecting art that is constantly exposed to the elements should be a priority.

However, it can be challenging to find an ideal balance between the sculpture and outdoor conditions. Key items to consider include construction, materials of the object, location and maintenance of the space itself, professional installation, conservation and maintenance.
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Preparing for the Storm

Every year from June 1st to November 30th, coastal residents brace for “Hurricane Season”. One of nature’s most fierce natural disasters poses problems if you’re not prepared. Knowing your vulnerabilities and having a plan can help save your family’s lives and protect your property.

A preparedness plan addresses vulnerabilities and provides guidance on how to best protect your family and property. The following preparations are a good starting point for protecting your most prized possessions and should be part of your plan.
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Could Your Driveway Gate Lock Out Emergency Responders?

Perimeter walls, gates and fences do a great job of maintaining privacy, but these physical barriers could also delay help during an emergency. When a call for help is received, first responders need immediate access to gated properties – and … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Equine Evacuation Plan?

Having a disaster plan is critical to keeping your animal companions safe. But horses require extra consideration because of their size and specific transportation needs. In an emergency you may not have much time to safely evacuate your animals so … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricanes can cause damage to boats from Maine to Texas. It is important to have a plan in place to protect your boat long before the hurricane flag flies. While boats stored out of the water are far less likely … Continue reading

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Hurricane Protection for Your Home

Windstorms such as hurricanes and tropical storms can damage homes in any coastal location on the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. While the Gulf and southeastern states are the most vulnerable, hurricanes have made direct landfall as far north as … Continue reading

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Insurance and Hurricane Protection

With the arrival of hurricane season, it’s time to consider the important role insurance can play in providing financial protection for your home and family. Continue reading

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When You Don’t Want Boats to Float

Many boats along the mid-Atlantic coast were destroyed when Sandy’s tidal surge washed them inland. In many instances, the damage could have been avoided. Here are some observations from the New Jersey shoreline:

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