The Big Melt

Along with the arrival of warmer weather and melting snow, the arrival of spring rains and flooding risks are just around the corner.
If your home has a basement, that’s the first place to check for ways to prevent potential flooding problems. You should start by checking the condition of your sump pump.
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Sewer Back-Ups Stink

Backups can be caused when heavy rains or flooding overload municipal sewer lines and force water back through pipes connected to the sewage system or by clogs in individual pipes. Contaminated water can enter floor drains, toilets and showers, potentially damaging your home or belongings. Continue reading

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Flood For Thought

Flooding isn’t just an issue for those living near the beach or beside a lake or a river, in fact it’s the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States and is generally not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Continue reading

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When Lemons Won’t Make Lemonade

It’s always tricky to buy a pre-owned car, but after a major catastrophe like Superstorm Sandy, it’s even more complicated. In the months following the disaster, many damaged vehicles will be reconditioned and sold to consumers across the country. Continue reading

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Spring Showers Bring Wet Basements

If last year’s Hurricane Irene taught us anything, it was that with extreme rain events come wet basements. The vast majority of insured losses caused by Hurricane Irene were caused by wet basements. Many of the losses could have been … Continue reading

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