Great Balls of Ice

Ever seen a grapefruit-sized hailstone? Well, if you live in an area that’s prone to hail, such as east of the Rocky Mountains, you know it exists, and how serious a hailstorm warning can be.
But what is a hailstone? It’s a ball of ice created in a super cell thunderstorm, weighing anywhere from a gram to well over a pound, and traveling at terminal velocities of 75 to 120mph. Hailstones the size of a golf ball may dent cars and damage roofs; hailstones the size of baseballs or softballs will damage most roofs, break car windows, and may injure or kill people or animals. Other interesting facts include: Continue reading

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Homeowners Shouldn’t Tempt Hurricane Fate

While for the most part, there has been a reduction in loss of life during hurricane seasons, primarily due to better early warning systems, a huge spike in property losses has still occurred. Superstorm Sandy in 2012 reflected some of these staggering property losses, and was the second-costliest in the nation’s history, estimating $50 billion (Hurricane Katrina was the costliest, which in 2005 caused $108 billion in damage). Continue reading

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Resistive Building Materials For Wildfire Defense

Advances in construction materials over the years have added an extra layer of security for those who are building or renovating homes in high-risk wildfire areas.

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Prepare Your Flight to Safety Now

Knowing that you may one day be forced to evacuate your home, even if it’s just for a day, you should prepare a detailed evacuation plan well in advance of any approaching calamity.

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Whole Lotta Shakin’

If you had 45 seconds to evacuate your house during an earthquake, what would you take?
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Generating Power and Safety

After a major storm, it can be weeks before the electricity
is restored to all the homes affected. A generator can seem like a real savior to anyone who has lost power for a long period, but they can turn into a killer if not operated properly. Continue reading

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When Lemons Won’t Make Lemonade

It’s always tricky to buy a pre-owned car, but after a major catastrophe like Superstorm Sandy, it’s even more complicated. In the months following the disaster, many damaged vehicles will be reconditioned and sold to consumers across the country. Continue reading

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Chased by Fire

Wildfires can move swiftly and leave a path of destruction. Often, homeowners are forced to evacuate their homes quickly as burning embers drop from the sky. At other times, homeowners have days to prepare for an evacuation.

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