Forget Finding Work-Life Balance.
It’s About Achieving Work-Life Security

hen was the last time you worked 9-to-5? Chances are, not for a while. In fact, it’s a safe bet you’ve worked longer hours than 8-to-6 or 7-to-7 recently. Why? Because in today’s connected world, it’s “always on” all the time.

While there is an important debate to be had about the long-term impact this has on our mental health, there is an immediate risk that can’t be ignored (and can arguably cause long-term stress!): cyber breaches. This is particularly true for the two-thirds (65%) of Americans who noted in a recent Chubb survey that they work from home and the additional 38% who reported conducting business on a personal device. Continue reading

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ID Theft Is Taxing

Preparing tax returns, or the information to hand over to a specialist, can be stressful in itself. Unfortunately, you now have to keep in mind another tax season practice – ID theft protection! Continue reading

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Gifting ID Thieves

Social networking and other online sites are starting to offer services that allow users to send gift cards and knickknacks for events like birthdays, job promotions and anniversaries. As these social networking gifting programs, which mine for personal information, become more popular, could they present cybercrime or identity theft risks?

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