How to Drive Value From Your Fastest Asset

At the recent 2018 Monterey Car Week, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO broke the record for the most expensive car ever sold at public auction—bringing in more than $48 million. While an eye-popping number, it is indicative of a larger trend: successful individuals investing in collector cars as a means of diversifying their financial portfolios.

But a collector car’s value isn’t the only differentiator from “everyday” vehicles, even luxury ones. Rather, they require special care and risk mitigation measures in order to protect, both in terms of financial value and driving condition. Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bakelite Jewelry

Springtime brings a renewed interest in bold jewelry styles, which often includes antiques. The materials from yesteryear can be different and collectible – and Bakelite is one such example that is beloved for its vintage and colorful style.

Bakelite, which was invented in 1907, was a popular material for jewelry during the 1930s and early 1940s. It is a type of plastic made of phenol and formaldehyde, and is often referred to as a resin. Unlike other types of plastic, Bakelite was formed into shapes, and not poured into molds.
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What the Next Generation of Art Collectors Should Know about Risk

How do you safeguard a self portrait made of frozen blood? Protect a canvas covered in bubblegum? Buy a six-figure work online? Today’s art collectors face challenges the previous generation probably never dreamed of. Contemporary and emerging art often feature … Continue reading

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Going for Gold: The World of Olympic Collectibles

As the 2016 Summer Olympic Games get underway in Rio de Janeiro next month, collectors may have their sights set on acquiring Olympic memorabilia. From commemorative pins and apparel to Olympic torches and gold medals, there are collectibles to suit … Continue reading

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Passionate About Luxury Watches?

Whether you are fortunate enough to attend the holy grail of watch sales–Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland–or prefer to search for your luxury timepiece through your favorite watch specialist, there are a few things you should know about protecting your favorite wearable art. Continue reading

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The Wonders of Japanese Whiskies

In the world of wines and spirits, the Japanese whisky phenomenon exploded on the scene in 2014 when journalist and critic Jim Murray proclaimed a single malt whisky from the Yamazaki distillery “as the best in the world,” as reported by Since then, prices and demand worldwide have skyrocketed, sending retailers into a spin as they try to locate these precious goods. Continue reading

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Trends in Decorative Arts

Trends are fickle things, rising and falling like ocean waves. Today, in the world of decorative arts, the Asian art market continues to exert its influence. High-value Chinese and Japanese porcelain, contemporary furniture, ceramics, and clothing collections of Asian heritage … Continue reading

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Art’s Delicate Journey

Transporting fine art is an art in itself. Understanding how to prepare the art for its journey, and trusting the capability of the vendors you work with, are prerequisites for the successful shipment of your favorite piece. Continue reading

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The Sparkling Benefits of Jewelry Appraisals

A vital step in protecting and preserving the value of your jewelry is getting an updated appraisal on a regular basis. In fact, if the most recent appraisal of your jewelry took place five or more years ago, it’s time to get a new appraisal. Continue reading

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Is There a Mystery Behind Your Masterpiece?

Is there a mystery behind your masterpiece? More value behind your valuables?

Whether you’ve acquired art and antiques through auctions, inheritances, antique stores or even garage sales, you can never be sure of their true value without consulting a professional. Continue reading

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