What to Know Before You Go: When Your Travel Plans May Involve Danger

Frances O'Brien

In the past, many American travelers divided the world into two categories: “safe” and “unsafe” zones. Today, however, this line is becoming less defined as more Americans are traveling to areas around the world that were previously perceived as risky, while traditionally safe areas present new potential for danger. Needless to say, regardless of where you go, there are important safety measures all travelers should follow. Continue reading

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How to Prevent Your Trees and Your House from Meeting

Barry DavisThat beautiful old oak tree in front of your home was your pride and joy, until it fell on the roof of your house in a windstorm. Why did that happen? That mature tree had certainly weathered its share of windstorms in the past. Continue reading

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Swimming Pool Safety: Sensible Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard Oasis

Darin ShawWith summer now upon us, what better way to beat the heat of those lazy, hazy days than a refreshing plunge into a backyard swimming pool! Although a pool can provide endless summer fun, there are inherent risks associated with swimming pool ownership, and it is the responsibility of both installers and homeowners to ensure the safety of family and friends. Continue reading

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Better Safe than Sorrow!
What You Should Consider When Shopping for a Safe for Your Home

Jerry ScainiA home safe is useful for storing legal documents, jewelry or personal items. Having a home safe can provide you with added protection against fire, burglary, and water damage.

When considering a home safe there are many things to bear in mind. One consideration is the location of the safe, and this can be determined in part on the design and location of your home. For example, placing the safe in the basement, especially in a flood-prone area, might not be the best choice. Typically, a safe provider can assist you in determining the best location for your safe. Continue reading

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Don’t Let Liabilities Crash Your Outdoor Parties This Summer

Jessie SpigelFrom sophisticated garden parties to casual backyard barbeques to huge Fourth of July bashes, summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. With some extra planning before and during events, property damage and personal liability can be avoided. Continue reading

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What to Know Before You Go: More Things to Consider

Jennifer NaughtonYou might have seen my colleague Annmarie’s recent column on how to protect yourself while traveling this summer. While the safety of you and your family is paramount, there is a related, yet overlooked, property risk many travelers are forgetting.

Consider the fact that in 2015, the FBI estimated that there were more than 1.5 million burglaries nationwide, the majority of which (71.6%) occurred in residential properties. As you and your family prepare to head out on summer vacation—possibly leaving your home vacant and unattended—this number is not to be overlooked. Continue reading

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Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Rubies

Part of a series of articles about birthstones.

The month of July conjures up the idea of simmering days, the freedom of summer vacation, and patriotism in the U.S. with 4th of July celebrations culminating in spectacular firework displays countrywide. Appropriately, the July birthstone is the fiery red ruby, which symbolizes life, courage, passion, and protection. Continue reading

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Historic Home Maintenance 101

Matt HunterWhen it comes to maintenance, your historic home has some unique needs beyond the common ones associated with any home. Understanding the differences between historic building materials versus newer materials is the first step in maintaining the integrity of a historic structure over the course of time.

Problems inevitably arise in homeownership, especially with older homes. Many times when something “goes wrong,” homeowners rush to repair the damages; oftentimes the “repair” may affect the durability and architectural appeal of the historic home. Continue reading

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While You’re Away, Cybercriminals Will Prey

Frances O'Brien

Summer is a great time to get away and relax, but for many, safety remains a number one concern. In fact, 72% of U.S. travelers say they would pay more for vacation if they could ensure greater security, as well as protection against cybercrime – a top priority.

To make sure your vacation is met with relaxation rather than security breaches, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your mind at ease. Continue reading

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The Heat Is On! – Protecting Your Home against Wildfire with Defensible and Survivable Space

Kevin FuhrimanMany parts of the southwestern United States have already experienced record-breaking heat, and indications point to more of the same in the months ahead. As a result, all of that green, lush vegetation that sprouted this spring is now curing and rapidly drying out. The result is a light flashy fuel that is easily ignited and can quickly spread fire to other vegetation, trees, and unfortunately for too many, their homes. Continue reading

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