Do You Need a Social Media Policy for Your Nanny?

Maria CordeiroFor many, social media has become an integral part of daily life – both in and out of work. While using social media may be necessary in some jobs, one in 10 workers spends more time on the Internet than working. It can also be a distraction: social media interruptions occur on average every 10.5 minutes.1

Family employers have just as much, if not more, to lose as a result of social media in the workplace as do larger employers. Not only can social media use impact productivity, but it can pose safety and security risks. Continue reading

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Could Your Driveway Gate Lock Out Emergency Responders?

Zachary ZwerinPerimeter walls, gates and fences do a great job of maintaining privacy, but these physical barriers could also delay help during an emergency. When a call for help is received, first responders need immediate access to gated properties – and any delay in response could be the difference between saving your property and total loss, or even the difference between life and death. Continue reading

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Three Emerging Risks High-net-worth Individuals Aren’t Prepared for in 2017

Frances O'BrienDid you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, chances are you are one of millions who vowed to eat healthier in the new year or hit the gym a bit more regularly. But for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals, making a commitment to review your risk profile is all too often an overlooked resolution. Continue reading

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Spontaneous Combustion: What a Homeowner Should Know

Geannie BrubakerIf your plans for 2017 include home maintenance or renovation projects, don’t let your dreams go up in smoke before the work is finished. Spontaneous combustion happens quickly and causes an estimated 14,000 fires each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Improperly discarded oily rags are one of the biggest causes. A common scenario is when floors, a deck or woodwork are being refinished and stain-soaked rags or wiping cloths are left in a pile or stored incorrectly.

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‘Tis the Season – Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels Fall Auction Results

Rachelle HiserTwo major jewelry auctions took place in Hong Kong this fall with total sales over $100 million (USD)!

The Christie’s auction on November 29th generated the majority of this at nearly $79 million in sales. Due to the importance and popularity of jadeite in this region, it is of no surprise that lots featuring jadeite were among the top sellers. Items made of this rare and beautiful green gem yielded over $2.45 million in total sales. The highest selling item was a stunning emerald green bangle with a price tag of nearly $443,000. Continue reading

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Shopping for Jewelry?
Buyer Beware this Holiday Season

Lauren DelzottiThe holiday season is the season of giving, but shoppers need to beware of jewelry scams when choosing a special gift for a loved one. Many buyers full of holiday cheer may overlook important details while getting caught up in the excitement of purchasing the perfect gift. To help avoid getting caught in a scam, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying jewelry: Continue reading

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Can You Be Spared from Hackers?

Maria CordeiroStaying safe online and preventing hackers from stealing your identity or personal information doesn’t seem to be so easy to do these days. In recent months, organizations ranging from social media networks to Internet services companies have made headlines when millions of user accounts were hacked, putting personal information at risk. Unfortunately, these hacks remind us of how widespread hacking still is, despite technological advances meant to counter them. Continue reading

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Fine Jewelry Appreciates in Value – and Risk

Frances O'BrienFor decades, high-net-worth individuals have made emotional investments in fine jewelry. However, times are changing and fine jewelry is being pursued for another reason—its skyrocketing value.

Whether you purchase a rare diamond in a vivid color or inherit a family heirloom, it is important owners understand how to best protect their collections. Continue reading

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Do You Have an Equine Evacuation Plan?

Zachary Zwerin

Having a disaster plan is critical to keeping your animal companions safe. But horses require extra consideration because of their size and specific transportation needs. In an emergency you may not have much time to safely evacuate your animals so advance preparation is essential.

Here are some best practices to consider when creating an equine evacuation plan:

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“December Blues:” The Magic of Tanzanite

Barbara Tirrell

The color blue is symbolic of purity, trust, loyalty, aristocracy, understanding, and sometimes, melancholy. But, December babies have nothing to be sad about because there are several gem stones representing their birth month, and they are all the color blue. Traditional December birthstones of the past are turquoise, zircon and blue topaz. In 2002 a new gem was introduced as the recognized December stone: tanzanite. Tanzanite is a beautiful gem with blue to purple hues that are reminiscent of the polar night sky.

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