Is There a “Leak” In Your Earthquake Preparedness Plan?

Joe KimThird in a series of articles about earthquake preparedness.

For residents in California and other seismically active regions of the county, the word “earthquake” conjures up frightening news footage images of toppled walls, collapsed roofs, and cracked foundations. As disturbing and devastating as these damages are, there is another type of damage that is perhaps equally (if not more) dangerous and yet most people don’t associate it with earthquakes – fire damage from gas leaks.

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Four Tips for Protecting Your Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Jewelry Purchase

Janece WhiteWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, roughly half of all shoppers are just starting to search for what to buy their loved ones this holiday (another 10% will wait until February 13!). For many, jewelry will be their go-to gift of choice.

But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. Especially if you’re one of the last-minute shoppers looking to make a quick jewelry purchase, failure to ask the right questions or do the appropriate pre-purchase research could invite a wide range of risks. Continue reading

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Earthquake Preparedness: Don’t Forget About Your Water Heater!

Susan Stenrose

The term “earthquake preparedness” inspires thoughts of emergency kits, flashlights, bottled water and canned goods. Although these items are extremely necessary, it is also important to ensure that proper precautions have been taken throughout your home. Continue reading

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Participating in the Sharing Economy? Don’t Overlook Potential Exposures

Frances O'BrienSeventy-two percent of Americans have used some type of shared or on-demand online service. As more individuals opt into the sharing economy—especially short-term vacation rentals—it is increasingly important you don’t overlook potential exposures.

Imagine the situation where you decide to rent out your multi-million dollar mountain house in Aspen using a home-sharing platform. During the stay, a guest adjusts the home’s temperature, causing a water pipe to rupture and flood the home. Are you covered? Continue reading

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Amethyst: “All-healer”

Kristi CowanIf you were born in February, you are blessed with amethyst as your birthstone. Amethysts are also recognized as the stone of St. Valentine and symbol of faithful love, so I couldn’t think of a better month to highlight this beautiful stone.

Amethysts are known for their wide array of regal purple hues, with most stones ranging from light mauve to a deep violet purple. This variety of color has increased the stone’s global popularity. Continue reading

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Earthquake Preparedness 101

Geannie BrubakerFirst in a series of articles about earthquake preparedness.

We all know we should prepare our household for natural disasters such as an earthquake, but yet it is so easy for many of us to procrastinate and think the fury of Mother Nature will not affect us.

An earthquake can strike suddenly– anytime of the day or night and anytime of year. California is notorious for catastrophic earthquakes; however, geologists have determined a total of 42 states in the United States have potential for seismic activity in the coming 50 years. Continue reading

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Protecting Your Home from Fire While It’s Under Construction

John Hunt
Building or remodeling a home is an exciting time filled with many decisions. A consideration often overlooked is the importance of fire protection during this time when your home is most susceptible to fire due to construction-related activities.

Luckily there are a number of simple and cost-effective solutions that will significantly reduce the threat fire poses to your home: Continue reading

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Garnet: “The All-powerful Stone”

Maria MessinaPart of a series of articles about birthstones.

January is the first month of the year — the month that symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start, resolutions and hope for the new year ahead!

What better than the beautiful, all-powerful, garnet gemstone to be dedicated as the birthstone for the month of January? Garnet is not only beautiful as mounted jewelry but also is believed to have special powers and symbolize love!

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Smell Gas? How To Protect Your Family & Home From Gas Leaks

Geannie BrubakerWe hear in the news all too often about a gas explosion in a home or business causing devastating loss to property and even loss of life. An estimated 177 million Americans rely on natural gas in their homes,1 and gas leaks are something every household should take seriously. Continue reading

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Do You Need a Social Media Policy for Your Nanny?

Maria CordeiroFor many, social media has become an integral part of daily life – both in and out of work. While using social media may be necessary in some jobs, one in 10 workers spends more time on the Internet than working. It can also be a distraction: social media interruptions occur on average every 10.5 minutes.1

Family employers have just as much, if not more, to lose as a result of social media in the workplace as do larger employers. Not only can social media use impact productivity, but it can pose safety and security risks. Continue reading

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