Before You Cozy Up to a Winter Fire: Chimney and Fireplace Safety Tips

Now that winter weather has arrived, it is a good time to conduct routine maintenance on your chimney and heating system. Continue reading

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Distracted driving: It’s more than you think!

Distracted driving has gained a lot of attention in recent years, with many people blaming the increased technology. While the advancement of mobile technology has played a huge role in distracted driving, there are other aspects that contribute to this … Continue reading

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Leaving in a Moment’s Notice:
What To Pack in an Emergency “Go Bag”

No matter where you live, there is a chance of a catastrophe occurring that may require you to leave quickly with little or no notice. Be aware of what types of catastrophes your area is prone to and what steps you can take to prepare in advance of the event. Are you prepared to leave in a moment’s notice?

Preparing ahead of time is the first step to keeping yourself and your family safe in a time of crisis. Along with your established family emergency plan, you should create several emergency “Go Bags” that contain essential items you may need if forced to evacuate. Keep in mind it could be several days before some sort of normalcy returns to an area affected by a catastrophe. Continue reading

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