Checking Smoke Detectors

Does your home have a smoke alarm? A fire can grow quickly, leaving you with a window of only one or two minutes to get out safely. Early notification of a fire is critical, which is why smoke detectors are so important.

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Better Safe than Sorrow!
What You Should Consider When Shopping for a Safe for Your Home

home safe is useful for storing legal documents, jewelry or personal items. Having a home safe can provide you with added protection against fire, burglary, and water damage. When considering a home safe there are many things to bear in mind. One consideration is the location of the safe, and this can be determined in part on the design and location of your home. For example, placing the safe in the basement, especially in a flood prone area, might not be the best choice. Typically, a safe provider can assist you in determining the best location for your safe.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying your safe:
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Protecting Personal Information

A growing privacy and cybersecurity risk is that cyber criminals are actively seeking Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and payment card data. This is accomplished by either stealing PII from personal and home devices, or hacking into data stored by large organizations.

Using a computer and visiting a website are not the only way to potentially expose your information to criminals. Emerging threats, such as voice over internet (VoIP) and wireless devices and applications, have added a host of new avenues for security breaches. For example, if your phone is connected via the internet, it may not be protected by firewalls that are configured for VoIP security. Think about this when it comes to privacy: How often are you disclosing personal or financial information over the phone, such as when ordering an item, making a payment on a credit card, or accessing any organization using an account number? You can quickly see that all of these conveniences are leaving you vulnerable.
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Smart Home Vulnerabilities

One of the benefits of the Internet is the rapid development of home security and home automation systems, which are now accessible through Internet Protocol (IP) networks. By connecting devices to IP networks, you can now monitor your surveillance cameras, set your air conditioning, or answer your front door intercom from virtually anywhere in the world.

But along with these conveniences comes increased vulnerability to cyberattacks. Each connected device, including cameras, intercoms, routers, smartphones, tablet computers and more, becomes a potential entry point for cyber criminals. A skilled hacker can gain access to your computer-based system and steal personal information, commit identity fraud, monitor or disable your surveillance cameras and cause other disruptions.
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