Big, Bold, Beautiful: Takeaways from the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show

Most people go to Las Vegas to try their luck at the slot machines and take in a show. When my colleague and I make our annual pilgrimage to Sin City, it’s to surround ourselves with the most gorgeous jewelry in the world. From June 5th to June 8th, JCK hosts its annual jeweler’s wholesale show, where jewelry store owners and major department store buyers converge to see and buy the latest jewelry trends. Over 2,000 vendors showcase loose gemstones, watches, finished pieces of jewelry, and everything the jewelry trade needs to create and sell their merchandise. Continue reading

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What to Know Before Buying Jewelry Online

As the broader retail industry continues to experience an uptick in e-commerce sales, the jewelry segment is no exception. In fact, by 2020, online fine jewelry and fashion jewelry sales will capture 10% and 15% of the market, respectively. While … Continue reading

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Four Tips for Protecting Your Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Jewelry Purchase

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, roughly half of all shoppers are just starting to search for what to buy their loved ones this holiday (another 10% will wait until February 13!). For many, jewelry will be their go-to gift of choice.

But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. Especially if you’re one of the last-minute shoppers looking to make a quick jewelry purchase, failure to ask the right questions or do the appropriate pre-purchase research could invite a wide range of risks. Continue reading

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Avoiding Real-Life Liability Nightmares this Halloween

More than 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). And it’s anticipated that more than 41 million youngsters will go trick-or-treating. Halloween is a time for ghosts and frights, but don’t let it … Continue reading

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Traveling with Jewelry?
Four Safety and Security Tips

Want to take your favorite jewelry with you on your next trip? You may be thinking twice after the highly publicized robbery of Kim Kardashian West in Paris. Before you go, consider these safety tips:

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October’s Birthstone: Heavenly Opals

Swirling pools of iridescent color, blues, greens, flashes of red and pink — like the night sky just before sunset, this is the beauty of October’s birthstone, the opal. You wouldn’t think the stone that makes you think of the fluidity of water would come primarily from the dry desert outback of Australia. Even though they are mined in these formidable dry areas, the sea had a lot to do with the formation of these beauties. Millions of years ago when the vast deserts were actually seas, stone sediment was deposited along the shorelines. When the waters receded, silica was deposited in the rocks along with the remains of plants and animals, and these materials eventually formed the much sought-after opal. Continue reading

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Passionate About Luxury Watches?

Whether you are fortunate enough to attend the holy grail of watch sales–Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland–or prefer to search for your luxury timepiece through your favorite watch specialist, there are a few things you should know about protecting your favorite wearable art. Continue reading

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The Best “Gems” at the Golden Globes

Yes, they always talk about the “Best Dressed” at the Golden Globes, but I am all about the bling, and the ladies did not disappoint at the 2016 Golden Globes Awards.  

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The Sparkling Benefits of Jewelry Appraisals

A vital step in protecting and preserving the value of your jewelry is getting an updated appraisal on a regular basis. In fact, if the most recent appraisal of your jewelry took place five or more years ago, it’s time to get a new appraisal. Continue reading

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As Valuable As the Queen’s Jewels

Having your valuables protected and adequately compensated in case of any loss should be a collector’s first priority. Knowing that there are professionals who can help you with the appraisal, storage, packing, shipping, and (heaven forbid) the replacement or repair of your favorite piece of jewelry, is enough to convey peace of mind. Continue reading

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