Stay Safe When Traveling Europe

From the bustling streets of Paris to the sun-splashed Italian countryside, Europe has been a destination of choice for many vacationers. But recent terror attacks in Brussels and Paris, as well as the U.S. Department of State’s current travel alert … Continue reading

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Going for Gold: The World of Olympic Collectibles

As the 2016 Summer Olympic Games get underway in Rio de Janeiro next month, collectors may have their sights set on acquiring Olympic memorabilia. From commemorative pins and apparel to Olympic torches and gold medals, there are collectibles to suit … Continue reading

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Someone’s Missing from Most Family Offices

In managing a high-net-worth individual’s investment, tax and estate planning needs—not to mention their legal and philanthropic matters—family offices serve a vital purpose. Unfortunately, as many family offices don’t offer insurance and risk management consulting services, high-net-worth individuals could unknowingly … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a White (and Safe) Christmas

December has the second highest number of fires in the United States, led only by January (10 percent of all home structure fires in year versus 11 percent), according to 2009-2013 data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Data from the U.S. Fire Administration quantifies the risk differently: During a typical winter holiday season, on average nearly 156,000 residential fires, $936 million in property damage, 2,600 injuries and 630 deaths occur. Continue reading

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Do You Know Who’s Trying To Be You?

We all know identity theft is a problem for adults. But did you know that according to the Federal Trade Commission, young people ages 19 to 29 are more likely to be targeted by identity thieves than any other age group? Continue reading

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills. And Art. And Condos.

Gone are the days where owning art and various residences was just about an appreciation of culture and a love of travel. Rather, in today’s market, these items are quickly becoming more than passions–they’re rapidly becoming the go-to instrument for … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Decorative Arts

In the world of fine arts, decorative arts has a distinct place. The decorative arts cover a vast array of art objects that have both a specific function and an element of design. Porcelain, antique furniture, and textiles; such as clothing, tapestries and rugs, are a just few examples of the variety within this collecting category. Continue reading

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Unique Auction Items

With demand (and prices) rising for jewelry and contemporary art, Kathleen Doyle, chairman and CEO of Doyle New York, provides an overview of today’s auction trends.

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Virtual Wallets Gaining Traction

Despite security concerns and other challenges, mobile wallets are gaining marketplace acceptance. Until now, mobile wallets have had a virtual chicken-and-egg problem. Consumers were waiting for more places to use mobile wallets, and many retailers were reluctant to invest in … Continue reading

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Nature’s Terror Twisters

Tornadoes are akin to intense miniature hurricanes and can inflict catastrophic damage in mere minutes. Just as the tornado in the Wizard of Oz completely uprooted Dorothy’s house from the earth, these rotating low pressure systems have the power to … Continue reading

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