Are You Practicing Safe Gaming?

In a gamer’s quest to win big, many will overlook the broader cybersecurity risks of online gaming. Many app users remain woefully unaware of how unsafe gaming can lead to real-life vulnerabilities. I’ve outlined a few tips to better protect yourself below. Continue reading

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(Safely) Traveling the “Road to Rio”

At the beginning of August, millions of athletes, coaches and tourists will descend on Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. While the Olympic Games are a joyous time for the world to come together and unite over sport, for … Continue reading

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College Student Liabilities

Millions of teenagers are headed back to college, some for the first time, and are quickly developing the skills needed to lead productive lives. But there is more to college than just academics. From alcohol-fueled off-campus parties to renting out an apartment or car via the sharing economy, students often engage in risky behavior while away!
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Insuring Historic Homes

One of the most challenging aspects of insuring a historic home is helping customers understand the difference between their home’s market value and its replacement cost, which can be very different values.
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Hoarding Can Create Hazards

Hoarding is more than just a homeowner keeping a messy or cluttered house. A true pathological or compulsive hoarder’s behavior may lead to:

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Including Insurance in College Planning

If your college-student kids are planning to live in off-campus housing this year, be sure to include insurance in your back-to-school planning. The first insurance-related issue to explore is arranging the right amount of liability coverage. Even with the best … Continue reading

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Shining Light on Solar Panel Insurance

With the popularity of residential solar energy increasing rapidly, homeowners considering the installation of solar panels need to include insurance considerations in their planning.

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Bon Voyage, Fido!

Summer vacation doesn’t have to mean leaving the family pet behind, but before you head to the airport, keep the following in mind:
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Camp Questions

As you compare potential camps or other summer activities for your children, it’s important to evaluate security and safety procedures to help protect their health, physical property and identity.

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Sneakers, Swimsuits and Smartphones?

Technology has altered the days of heading to camp by packing only a toothbrush, swim trunks and tennis shoes, so it’s a good idea to talk about the items your child plans to bring and to ask the camp about security plans or the availability of storage lockers.
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