Time for a Spring Cleaning to Protect Against Chimney Fires

Although spring may have sprung, it’s never too late to pay attention to chimney safety. The arrival of warmer weather also is a good time to conduct routine maintenance on your chimney and heating system after a busy winter season. Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink: Pink Star Diamond Sets New Record

The second time’s the charm for Chinese retail jeweler Chow Tai Fook. The company acquired the Pink Star diamond in a heart-pounding, five-minute bidding war with two other potential buyers earlier this month – the second time this headline-grabbing gemstone … Continue reading

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Consigning Art? Answer Three Key Questions First

Spring is a busy season for the art fair scene. If you’re among the collectors making plans to consign art to a gallery exhibiting at a fair, you’re in good company. The global art market rose to $45 billion in … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bakelite Jewelry

Springtime brings a renewed interest in bold jewelry styles, which often includes antiques. The materials from yesteryear can be different and collectible – and Bakelite is one such example that is beloved for its vintage and colorful style.

Bakelite, which was invented in 1907, was a popular material for jewelry during the 1930s and early 1940s. It is a type of plastic made of phenol and formaldehyde, and is often referred to as a resin. Unlike other types of plastic, Bakelite was formed into shapes, and not poured into molds.
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No One’s Stealing My Baby

It doesn’t matter who or where you are with your collector car – you can’t let it be a target for thieves who are always on the lookout for an opportunity. As the spring and summer approach, many collectors will be moving their vehicles. Whether you are transporting your supercar from Florida to New York, shipping a newly purchased vehicle from Washington, DC, or exhibiting at a car show in California, have a plan in place to keep it safe. Continue reading

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Spring For Diamonds

For those lucky individuals born in April, the diamond, a symbol of love, is the modern birthstone in the United States, Britain, and India. Traditionally, this gemstone, thought to be a symbol of good luck and protection against misfortune, was chosen for April in old Hindu and ancient Polish calendars and was also the zodiac stone for Aries. Continue reading

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Protecting On-The-Wall Assets: Fine Art

With $27 billion worth of art sold during 2015 in the U.S., it’s clear many Americans are increasingly turning to fine art for both personal and financial benefit. But regardless of whether collectors are making an investment or passion-based purchase, there are a number of risks to consider. Continue reading

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From Private Collector to Gallery Owner:
What to Know When Opening a Private Museum

Regardless of the reason—or combination of reasons—for opening a private museum, many overlook related property and casualty insurance risks. Unfortunately, if not addressed, these exposures could negate some of the associated financial benefits and lead to significant out-of-pocket costs.

If you’re thinking about opening your own private museum, here are three things to consider when getting started:
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