Will Millennials Still Say ‘I do’ with a Diamond?

“Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill.” –De Beers Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer For some, a diamond is merely a compressed piece of coal that was created roughly 100 miles below the earth’s surface. Others feel … Continue reading

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Five Tips to Protect Art in Transit

Before buying that next Picasso, plan ahead to ensure that it will be properly packed, shipped, and insured. As the attention of the art world moves from the New York-based auctions in November to Art Basel Miami Beach in December, … Continue reading

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From Acrylic to Wood:
Caring for Unconventional Jewelry Materials

In recent months, alternative jewelry and mediums, including items made from wood, leather and acrylic (such as Plexiglas®), have become increasingly popular. These unconventional materials provide a trendy and fashionable look, often with a lower price point than traditional gems … Continue reading

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Prepping the Winter Home

This winter, 65 percent of Americans are planning to pack their suitcases to escape Mother Nature’s whims and caprices – meaning their homes and valuables will be left unattended and vulnerable to winter damages. As a first line of defense, … Continue reading

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Is It Smart to Wear Smart Jewelry?

Wearable devices – including smart glasses, fitness tracking bracelets, smart watches and technology-infused jewelry – are touted as the next big wave on the digital front. However, risk, legal and insurance experts have warned of many uncertainties associated with these new technologies.

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Staying Safe Around Fido: Dog Bite Prevention Tips

The dog days of summer are well behind us, but dog safety is always in season. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs reside in approximately one in three U.S. households – including mine. With help from Angela Speed, … Continue reading

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