There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills. And Art. And Condos.

Gone are the days where owning art and various residences was just about an appreciation of culture and a love of travel. Rather, in today’s market, these items are quickly becoming more than passions–they’re rapidly becoming the go-to instrument for … Continue reading

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You Are Your Own Early Warning System

The earthquake and multiple aftershocks that hit Nepal in April 2015 stunned the world in the size and scope of their devastation. The unfortunate reality with earthquakes is not just the damage they cause, but the fact that you cannot prepare for them. There are no “Earthquake Alerts”, “Watches” or “Warnings” as there are with hurricanes, tornadoes or floods. And earthquakes can hit anywhere and anytime; fault lines that are currently dormant could become active at any given moment. Continue reading

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Trends in Decorative Arts

Trends are fickle things, rising and falling like ocean waves. Today, in the world of decorative arts, the Asian art market continues to exert its influence. High-value Chinese and Japanese porcelain, contemporary furniture, ceramics, and clothing collections of Asian heritage … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Decorative Arts

In the world of fine arts, decorative arts has a distinct place. The decorative arts cover a vast array of art objects that have both a specific function and an element of design. Porcelain, antique furniture, and textiles; such as clothing, tapestries and rugs, are a just few examples of the variety within this collecting category. Continue reading

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Unique Auction Items

With demand (and prices) rising for jewelry and contemporary art, Kathleen Doyle, chairman and CEO of Doyle New York, provides an overview of today’s auction trends.

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