Virtual Wallets Gaining Traction

Despite security concerns and other challenges, mobile wallets are gaining marketplace acceptance. Until now, mobile wallets have had a virtual chicken-and-egg problem. Consumers were waiting for more places to use mobile wallets, and many retailers were reluctant to invest in … Continue reading

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Nature’s Terror Twisters

Tornadoes are akin to intense miniature hurricanes and can inflict catastrophic damage in mere minutes. Just as the tornado in the Wizard of Oz completely uprooted Dorothy’s house from the earth, these rotating low pressure systems have the power to … Continue reading

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High-End Vehicle Trends

High-end vehicles are becoming more costly and complicated to maintain and repair. For example, there can be up to ten airbags in some high-end vehicles, as opposed to the usual four airbags generally found in most cars. And replacing these damaged airbags isn’t cheap. What’s more, in a moderate front end collision involving an Audi A8, each headlight alone is $2800. Once you need to replace the bumper and headlights, the price tag to repair is already approaching $10,000. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Rembrandt!

Happy Birthday Rembrandt!

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Navigating the Legal Waters of Yacht Repair

A growing number of shipyards and marinas are asking boat owners or their agents to sign broad liability waivers that restrict the ability of the yacht’s owner’s (or their insurance company) to recover damages if something goes wrong. Unless they’re … Continue reading

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Understanding Lightning Risks

Separate myths from fact when it comes to lightning strikes. Continue reading

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Avoid Dumb Mistakes In Smart Homes

“Smart homes” began in the early 1990s. Back then, a dedicated PC used specialized software to control the lighting system, HVAC, security system, et cetera, either by touchpad or remote control system. It was a “closed” system, meaning it existed within its own house environment and generally without outside accessibility. Continue reading

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