Cashing In On Cold Weather

Leaving an unlocked car idling in a driveway is a common practice in cold-weather sections of the United States, but it’s also an open invitation to auto thieves. Continue reading

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Roof and Snow Accumulation Risks

As major portions of the United States remain under snow cover, homeowners should pay attention to the amount of snow that may have accumulated on their roofs. Continue reading

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Is There a Mystery Behind Your Masterpiece?

Is there a mystery behind your masterpiece? More value behind your valuables?

Whether you’ve acquired art and antiques through auctions, inheritances, antique stores or even garage sales, you can never be sure of their true value without consulting a professional. Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on Mona Lisa

It’s all fun and games until someone’s canvas gets poked. That’s what was on my mind when I read a recent New York Times article on the selfie stick phenomenon at some art museums. Continue reading

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Appraising Fine Art

The art market has been anything but stable. From a collector’s perspective, that could mean a piece they purchased several years ago for six figures is now worth well in the millions. That bodes well for the art market, but creates a challenging insurance environment in which many collectors may be vastly underinsured. Continue reading

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