Background Checks and Domestic Help

Hiring someone to work in your home is a big decision. An employee or contractor working in your home will be around valuables, sensitive information and even family members.

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Household Mold: Lessen Your Risk

Mold can not only cause serious health problems, but can also cause serious damage to your home. Destruction of wallpaper, wood, drywall and carpeting are just some of the problems caused by mold. You can reduce the risk of mold … Continue reading

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As Valuable As the Queen’s Jewels

Having your valuables protected and adequately compensated in case of any loss should be a collector’s first priority. Knowing that there are professionals who can help you with the appraisal, storage, packing, shipping, and (heaven forbid) the replacement or repair of your favorite piece of jewelry, is enough to convey peace of mind. Continue reading

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The Value of Your Wearable Art

Is jewelry your passion? If it is, you should know it’s not enough to just love your rocks. You’ve also got to become an educated consumer that knows how to protect and care for your high-end jewelry. Continue reading

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