Auto Theft Trends

Car thieves have become much more discriminating these days. Even though vehicle thefts are down by more than 50% nationally since 1991, luxury autos are still a hot target. Sophisticated auto thieves have found ways to outsmart many of the … Continue reading

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Sprinklers Shower With Benefits

Homes just aren’t built the way they used to be. While the modern-day house may be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, dangers can lurk under the surface. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “larger homes, open spaces, void … Continue reading

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College Kids, Campus and Cars

As college students head off (or back) to school, deciding whether they should have a car on campus can be a tricky decision that involves a number of considerations. While there can be a number of advantages to a student … Continue reading

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Reading and Driving Don’t Mix

Motorists who read a book or newspaper while driving make New Jersey automobile passengers feel “very unsafe,” according to results of a new survey by Rutgers-Eagleton Poll and New Jersey Medical School. Survey respondents were asked, “How safe would you … Continue reading

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Cyber Security on the Seas

With technology playing a larger role in the daily operation and navigation of ships of all sizes, owners and crews need to pay careful attention to the security of their information systems. Although statistics are hard to obtain, security researchers … Continue reading

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Protecting Family From Cyber Extortion

Cyber extortion is a modern-day by-product resulting from the enormous opportunities criminals have via the internet. To help protect yourself, we offer the following tips:

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Password Practices Key

The announcement this week that a cache of five million passwords allegedly belonging to Gmail accounts has been posted to an online message board in Russia provides another reminder about the importance of creating — and routinely changing — strong … Continue reading

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Insuring Historic Homes

One of the most challenging aspects of insuring a historic home is helping customers understand the difference between their home’s market value and its replacement cost, which can be very different values.
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Preparedness In a Kit

September (designated as National Preparedness Month by FEMA) is a good time to make sure you have materials and information to help your family cope in the aftermath of a disaster.

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