Disaster Planning With Domestic Employees

Putting the safety of your children in other people’s hands can be nerve wracking. While employers do their best to conduct background checks of childcare staff, they often forget to maintain a home crisis plan and train their staff on how to respond in case of a threat.
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Social Media and Minors

Social media apps are often developed faster than parents can keep track Continue reading

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Smart Student Adventures

Studying abroad is a life enriching experience. Thousands of students take advantage of study abroad programs, which have more than tripled over the past 20 years. However, alongside the fun and excitement, come risks.

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Vacation Home Helpers

A growing range of high-tech products are available to help homeowners mitigate risks from water or mold damage in unoccupied, secondary homes. Continue reading

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Shining Light on Solar Panel Insurance

With the popularity of residential solar energy increasing rapidly, homeowners considering the installation of solar panels need to include insurance considerations in their planning.

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Safeguarding Outdoor Sculptures

Once your site is determined and you’ve installed your outdoor sculpture, ongoing care will help you preserve the value of your collectible. After the sculpture is installed, landscapers need to be instructed not to use mowers or weed trimmers the … Continue reading

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Protecting On-Board Valuables

Fine art, motorcycles, cars and other valuables can be carried and enjoyed on a yacht, as long as precautions are taken against their possible damage or theft, and insurance considerations are evaluated in case the worst occurs.

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Unique Risks Built Into Luxury Homes

There are three major areas in which custom-built luxury homes differ from standard homes when it comes to storm survival: Windows, roofs and interiors.

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