Repair Rights and Wrongs

A growing number of shipyards and marinas are asking boat owners or their agents to sign broad liability waivers that restrict the ability of the yacht’s owner’s (or their insurance company) to recover damages if something goes wrong. Unless they’re careful about what they sign, yacht owners may mistakenly waive important liability protections when they bring yachts for repairs, refits or renovations. Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green home construction is fraught with challenges, including increased costs and the potential for bigger losses.

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Haboobs: Blizzards of the Southwest

Haboobs may sound funny, but they are no laughing matter. The giant dust storms that engulf entire cities in the Southwest can cause damage in and around homes and health problems for those directly exposed to them.

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Weakened Trees Make Lethal Dangers

For many, this winter has been especially difficult. Even locations much less accustomed to snow and ice experienced paralyzing storms. Your trees may have survived, but they also may have been weakened and could pose a threat when Spring and Summer storms hit.

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The Big Melt

Along with the arrival of warmer weather and melting snow, the arrival of spring rains and flooding risks are just around the corner.
If your home has a basement, that’s the first place to check for ways to prevent potential flooding problems. You should start by checking the condition of your sump pump.
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Serving Nonprofits and Protecting Personal Assets

If you serve on a nonprofit’s board of directors, whether it’s a large organization recognized nationally, or a smaller one making a difference locally, it’s important to help protect your personal assets from potential litigation.

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