Suddenly Sinking

Sinkholes were in the news earlier this year when one opened up and swallowed a man who was sleeping in his Florida home. Soon afterward, there seemed to be sinkholes opening up across the United States, in Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and, most recently, in Chicago.

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Sneakers, Swimsuits and Smartphones?

Technology has altered the days of heading to camp by packing only a toothbrush, swim trunks and tennis shoes, so it’s a good idea to talk about the items your child plans to bring and to ask the camp about security plans or the availability of storage lockers.
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Teen Talk

As the high school year winds down, concerns are rising about teenage drinking and driving during prom and graduation celebrations.

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No Vacation from Risk

Home swapping isn’t new, but according to a recent article in, several new companies have emerged to help play matchmaker for holiday travellers. Continue reading

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Ahoy Matey, Ready To Launch?

For millions of boaters around the world, it’s time to de-winterize your watercraft and get ready for the year’s maiden voyage! Annual preparation and maintenance are a must to help ensure a safe boating season. Take this brief quiz, assess your water safety and see if you’re ready for launch:
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ID Thieves Look For Returns

To help take some of the stress out of filing their taxes at the last minute, many Americans are turning to the Internet. While preparing and filling your taxes via the Internet can be efficient and speedy, doing so also creates new security threats. By reading How to Safeguard Your Tax Returns from Identity Theft, you’ll learn some of the latest tax fraud schemes and ways to help protect your identity and personal information. Continue reading

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What’s Your Home Really Worth?

While many homeowners are generally familiar with real estate values, they often are clueless about how much it would cost to rebuild their home should it be destroyed by a fire or other catastrophic event.  Take this quiz to help … Continue reading

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Art Buying: A Gut Reaction

Purchasing art comes down to your gut. If a piece of artwork doesn’t evoke a visceral, emotional response—disgust, complacence, elation, desire—then it’s probably not worth having. At least, that was the one point agreed upon by all the panelists participating in the “Why Collect” discussion at The Armory Show this year. Investment value aside, art should make a buyer feel something.

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Whole Lotta Shakin’

If you had 45 seconds to evacuate your house during an earthquake, what would you take?
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We Know Where You Are

Location tracking is a major safety concern. As you’ll read in this article, third parties can potentially distribute your information to other service or product providers in an “anonymised” fashion, however, studies show that “human mobility patterns are so predictable it is possible to identify a user from only four data points.” Continue reading

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