Hail No!

While hail storms generally last about six minutes, that is enough time to cause real trouble. Annually, hailstorms cause nearly $1 billion in damage in the United States. Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Lesson

Simply by lack of experience, young drivers are already safety challenged on the road. However, despite any level of experience, an imperative first step towards road safety is a full understanding of the laws and best practies.

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Flood For Thought

Flooding isn’t just an issue for those living near the beach or beside a lake or a river, in fact it’s the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States and is generally not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Continue reading

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The Sinking Truth

While we don’t often hear or think about about sinkholes, until unusual or fatal events like the recent story out of of Florida, it’s definitely best to be educated and aware. Continue reading

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Winter’s Almost Over: Call an Arborist

After you shovel the last snowfall of the season (We hope!) off your walkway, schedule an appointment with a tree expert to assess the health of your trees. Your trees may have survived a steady stream of winter storms, but they also may have been weakened and could pose a threat when the next storm hits.

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Generating Power and Safety

After a major storm, it can be weeks before the electricity
is restored to all the homes affected. A generator can seem like a real savior to anyone who has lost power for a long period, but they can turn into a killer if not operated properly. Continue reading

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