When Lemons Won’t Make Lemonade

It’s always tricky to buy a pre-owned car, but after a major catastrophe like Superstorm Sandy, it’s even more complicated. In the months following the disaster, many damaged vehicles will be reconditioned and sold to consumers across the country. Continue reading

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Powerful Protection

Recent storms in the Northeast (Superstorm Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo) and the Midwest (February blizzards) have fueled an interest in electrical generators for the home.

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What Eyes Can’t See

Some risks are unseen by the naked eye—things lurking behind the walls, below the floor or above the ceiling that can lead to costly damage if not identified and addressed. These hidden dangers fall into three main categories: electrical problems, water intrusion and infestation.

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ID Theft Is Taxing

Preparing tax returns, or the information to hand over to a specialist, can be stressful in itself. Unfortunately, you now have to keep in mind another tax season practice – ID theft protection! Continue reading

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Stone Cold Facts About Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for purchasing and giving jewelry. It is also a busy time for insurance companies that write jewelry policies. February is the third highest month for jewelry claims, based on five years’ worth of statistics from the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Continue reading

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