Is Your Safe Safe?

Are you thinking about installing a safe in your home to protect your valuables from burglary and fire? Here are a few things to consider before you spin the dial on the combination lock.

For high-end and expensive valuables, it is recommended that the safe have at least a TRTL 30×6 theft rating and a one-hour fire rating. The TRTL 30×6 rating means that it is tool and torch resistant for 30 minutes on all 6 sides.

The safe should be bolted to a concrete floor or framing of the house and not to a shelf or cabinetry. The best safe is one installed in the concrete floor—either box or tubular—which surrounds the safe with concrete, except at the door. If the safe is installed in a basement floor or a closet floor where there is concrete, it can provide a good hiding place and the best security.

Many people make the mistake of installing safes in the bedroom closet for easy access. Burglars know to look there first, just as they will go to the dining room to find silverware and the master bedroom to find jewelry.

Homeowners with an alarm system should consider alarming the safe and connecting it to the existing central station burglar system.

There are different safe ratings for the storage of documents and film, which can be damaged at lower temperatures. Consult with a locksmith to determine the appropriate type of safe for the medium being stored.


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