Personal Posts: Are You Protected?

Have you ever posted a controversial comment on Facebook or Twitter, confident that you were protected by freedom of speech?  You might want to think again. Social media liability doesn’t just fall on companies, it also falls on individuals.  Here are … Continue reading

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Catch a Wave, Not a Current

Rip tides are extremely strong currents of water that flow away from the surf.  According to the United States Lifesaving Association, they are the leading surf hazard– accounting for over one-hundred deaths annually and 80% of all beach rescues.

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A Bolt From the Blue

To many, lightning is little more than Mother Nature’s fireworks display, often followed by a window-rattling rumble of thunder that chases golfers from the fairways and sends the dog scampering for cover. But lightning is also one of the most … Continue reading

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Declare Independence from Wildfire

Fireworks, barbecues and campfires are some of the most popular activities for Americans as they celebrate Independence Day. They are also three activities that can inadvertently start wildfires. As record heat grips much of the United States this July, firefighting … Continue reading

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