When Hitting the Road, Practice Proper “Petiquette”

Americans love pets. Sixty percent of U.S. households have pets, and they spend billions of dollars each year to ensure they remain happy, healthy and safe. But do owners do all that they can to protect their furry friends?

Eighty two percent of pet owners travel with their pets on the road, but doing so can be risky. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that tens of thousands of automobile accidents were caused by traveling with pets. To help prevent these accidents, motorists should keep their pets out of the front seats, invest in safety restraints for their pets and make sure their vehicles’ windows are not opened wide.

If an accident does occur, drivers with adequate health and auto insurance may be protected. The well-being of beloved pets is less certain. Some automobile insurance policies offer coverage that can help pay necessary veterinary and boarding costs if a pet is injured in a crash.

Bark Buckle UP is an excellent online resource for information about keeping pets safe while traveling. What other safety precautions do you take when traveling with your pet?

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