Frozen Pipes Can Lead to Flooding

Plumbing located within exterior walls or unheated crawl spaces is most vulnerable to freezing or bursting. These precautions can help prevent damage to pipes and subsequent flooding:

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A Holiday Surprise to Avoid

Whether it’s for great buys, convenience, or both, each year more of us are shopping on-line during the holiday season. A survey from this past September, conducted by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), found that shopping online … Continue reading

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Libel Goes Viral: Personal Injury and Use of Social Media

For years, a recommended solution to disappointment and anger was “the unsent letter.” The aggrieved would write a letter to the person or organization with whom they were upset and then simply file it away in a drawer. The time … Continue reading

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Residential Resilience

How resilient is your home and its infrastructure to bounce back when subjected to catastrophic weather conditions? Recently in the northeast, one name comes to mind, “Irene”. When she hit, most people realized they were unprepared and scrambled to get … Continue reading

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Stay Warm, But Safe

Improper use or poor maintenance of heating systems can cause fire, puff-backs and smoke damage. Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves are among the worst culprits when it comes to winter house fires. Follow these fire-preventive measures: – Clean chimneys and flues … Continue reading

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Take a Vow to Protect Your Identity

Getting married should be a happy time, but it can leave newlyweds vulnerable to identity theft, a crime that affects nearly 10 million Americans each year. From the time a couple starts planning a wedding until well after they return … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared?

A snowstorm with leaves still on the trees was an unlikely event for many Northeastern states.  For homeowners left without electricity due to fallen trees and downed power lines, the difference between a chaotic and more comfortable week was whether they were … Continue reading

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Not Out of the Woods Yet

If you live in the Northeast, and the trees on your property have survived the unusual weather of the past couple months, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. But even if those towering oaks and majestic elms around your … Continue reading

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