How to Stick to Your Financial Wellness New Year’s Resolution

Frances O'Brien

New Year’s resolutions can take many forms: a new diet, new exercise routine, or the end of your worst habit. The most common, however, involves financial wellness.

To help you stick with that resolution, here are a few helpful hints:

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Before You Cozy Up to a Winter Fire: Chimney and Fireplace Safety Tips

Kelly LespierNow that winter weather has arrived, it is a good time to conduct routine maintenance on your chimney and heating system.

Faulty heating systems are the second leading cause of residential fires during peak months, December, January and February. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), failure to clean heating equipment and chimneys was the leading factor contributing to home heating fires, approximately 28%. There is an average of 22,300 fireplace or chimney fires in the U.S. per year, causing an average of 20 deaths, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and home fires still cause the majority of all civilian fire deaths, injuries and property loss as highlighted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Most of these losses are preventable with routine fireplace and chimney inspection and maintenance at a minimal cost compared to the after effects of a fire! Continue reading

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More Technology Means More Cyber Risks: What You Should Know to Stay Safe

Frances O'BrienWhen was the last time you logged into your computer, connected to an app via your smartphone or asked your internet-connected personal assistant a question? Chances are, it was just a few minutes ago.

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How to Drive Value From Your Fastest Asset

Frances O'BrienAt the recent 2018 Monterey Car Week, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO broke the record for the most expensive car ever sold at public auction—bringing in more than $48 million. While an eye-popping number, it is indicative of a larger trend: successful individuals investing in collector cars as a means of diversifying their financial portfolios.

But a collector car’s value isn’t the only differentiator from “everyday” vehicles, even luxury ones. Rather, they require special care and risk mitigation measures in order to protect, both in terms of financial value and driving condition. Continue reading

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Are You Protected Against Water Damage? Survey Says… No

Frances O'BrienWhile most homeowners are rightly concerned about fire, theft and how to safeguard their home, new data from Chubb shows that the majority of homeowners are overlooking the single most common property-related loss: water damage. In fact, in a survey of 1,200 homeowners, Chubb found that water leaks only ranked fourth on the list of top home-related concerns. Continue reading

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A Collector’s Guide to Appraisals

Tema McMillonNo one wants to consider the unthinkable – like theft, damage or
loss – happening to a prized possession, but the reality is that these things happen. Whether you own fine art, jewelry, antiques or even classic cars, having a current appraisal is an important component of collection care. Continue reading

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Distracted driving: It’s more than you think!

Kelly LespierDistracted driving has gained a lot of attention in recent years, with many people blaming the increased technology. While the advancement of mobile technology has played a huge role in distracted driving, there are other aspects that contribute to this problem.

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Forget Finding Work-Life Balance.
It’s About Achieving Work-Life Security

Frances O'BrienWhen was the last time you worked 9-to-5? Chances are, not for a while. In fact, it’s a safe bet you’ve worked longer hours than 8-to-6 or 7-to-7 recently. Why? Because in today’s connected world, it’s “always on” all the time. Continue reading

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Home’s Defenses Against Wildfire

In many parts of the US, wildfire threatens homes and businesses alike. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about 9.8 million acres burned in the 2017 period, and 8,700 structures were destroyed in Northern California alone.

A structure can be threatened in three ways: direct exposure to flames, radiated heat, and airborne firebands. According to the National Fire Protection Association, airborne firebands, such as ember fall-out, account for the majority of structures affected by wildfire. Embers are burning pieces of airborne wood and/or vegetation that can be carried more than a mile via wind and can cause spot fires and ignite homes, debris and other objects. Continue reading

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What Would Make You Switch Financial Advisors?

Frances O'BrienWhen’s the last time you thought about the relationship you had with your financial advisor?

For most people, that’s not something that regularly crosses your mind. As long as your portfolio performs well and your advisor picks up when you call, there’s not much you should be concerned about, right? Continue reading

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