Preparing Marinas for the Off Season

Fall has arrived and with that comes the off season for marina and yacht club owners. Just as you would prepare for hurricane season, it’s important to take proactive measures to secure marinas and yacht clubs for the off season. Haul out and winterization services expose a new area of risk for marinas if owners do not prepare properly.
To start with general safety, you’ll want to determine what federal, state, or local requirements apply to your marina. With these in mind, develop written operating procedures for hauling out and storing boats. When transporting boats, do so as close to the ground as possible and contract only with operators that are experienced and certified in such services. As far as storage areas and open yards on the premises, remove any and all obstructions.
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Water Damage Prevention Checklist

Each year, the winter’s temperature changes, bringing cold, wind, and rain causing significant monetary losses to commercial properties through both direct damages to the structures and contents, as well as the interruption of business. Continue reading

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