Will Your Building’s Roof Stand Up to Snow and Ice?

Although falling snow can make for a peaceful and picturesque scene, commercial building owners and managers have to guard against much harsher possibilities: snow-induced roof leaks or, in the most severe cases, building collapse. Careful roof inspections and routine maintenance … Continue reading

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Creating a Snow Removal Plan: The Essential Elements

Argos, Blanche and Caly, the first named winter storms of the season, are sending a clear warning to property owners and managers: Time to dust off the snow removal plan. If you are responsible for your organization’s snow removal planning, taking … Continue reading

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Contracts: An Underappreciated Snow Removal Tool

Winter is coming, and with it comes snow: beautiful to some, but a potential liability to others. For building owners and property managers, snow means constant vigilance to prevent falls and other snow-related accidents. These injuries can pose significant liability. … Continue reading

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Heavy Snow Increasing Roof Collapse Risk

The seemingly unrelenting snowstorms in the United States are causing a number of undesirable effects for business owners and property managers.

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A Blizzard of Damage to Avoid

To be properly prepared for a worst case scenario, business owners should think about the amount of load that their roof is designed to withstand and have a plan to help protect their building and those in the building from harm in case of snowy weather.
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