Are You Ready for the Next Brazil?
Staying ahead of shifting political risk

Brazil’s current troubles dramatically illustrate how geopolitical risks can take people, and multinationals, by surprise. Emerging markets represent untapped opportunity, but also unknown risk. If you work for a company that is expanding its global footprint, how can you minimize those risks without abandoning your international expansion strategies? Continue reading

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Are Your Directors & Officers Protected Abroad?

Small and mid-sized U.S. businesses (SMBs) planning to put down stakes overseas, should recognize the potential exposure their executives may face when they are abroad. Countries around the world have become more stringent about corporate governance, with regulators increasingly coordinating across borders. While major corporate scandals in developing countries have made headline news, SMBs should also expect greater scrutiny as regulators seek to tighten local and international enforcement. SMBs that have or are considering venturing abroad, would be wise to review the adequacy and breadth of their U.S. directors and officers (D&O) coverage around the globe. Continue reading

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Business Risks Indeed Know Boundaries

According to the 2014 Chubb Multinational Risk Survey, more than half of all businesses surveyed expect to increase overseas activity this year. Is your business part of this trend? If so, what’s your insurance strategy to protect your people and your operations from multinational risk? Continue reading

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Four Questions for Your Multinational Insurer

In a previous blog, “Small Biz Eyes Global Opportunity,” we discussed the importance of having the right insurance program to help protect a company’s multinational operations—whether it’s a manufacturing facility located in China or salespeople heading to Brazil. But, how do you find the right insurance company to help you do this? Continue reading

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Small Biz Eyes Global Opportunity

More small businesses are eying opportunities abroad, but before your company packs its bags for new markets, it’s crucial to make sure you don’t leave your insurance behind. Continue reading

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Fire Protection – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As more U.S. businesses expand into foreign countries, it’s not just the new language and culture that they have to adjust to — fire protection strategies can also be quite different and vary significantly from a one country to the next.

Continue reading

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