Speculating Storm Surge

One of the most damaging consequences of a hurricane results from the wall of water, known as a storm surge, that gets pushed ashore. The National Hurricane Center has released an online mapping tool to help homeowners get a better … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season’s Peak

The most powerful and damaging storms usually do not hit until after mid-August. Hurricane Katrina, for instance, formed in late August while Hurricane Sandy (which was reclassified as a post tropical cyclone with hurricane force winds when it hit land) formed in late October. Hurricane activity in recent years, however, has been relatively light and forecasters continue to predict a below-average hurricane season in 2014.
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Batten the Hatches

Hurricane season in the United States officially started on June 1 and will end on November 30.  On June 3, Colorado State University released its updated hurricane season forecast, with 18 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Even our neighbors across … Continue reading

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No Place Is Risk Free

A recent article opined on the continuous flow of natural disasters throughout the United States. “No place in the United States is risk-free,” said the author, Tom Jeffrey.  Some places, such as tornado “alley,” are more prone to natural disasters … Continue reading

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