The ELD Mandate: What Fleet Managers Need to Know

The electronic logging device (ELD) rule effective date is around the corner – are you ready? Being “ready” means not only installing devices but also allowing time for drivers to get comfortable with the new technology. Continue reading

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Lawnmower Safety: An Underestimated Fleet Safety Risk

Commercial lawnmowers are complex machines, and even the most experienced operator may occasionally overlook safety precautions.

But lawn mowers remain an underestimated fleet safety risk. What can you and your employees do to help prevent accidents?
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Golf Carts: An Underestimated Fleet Safety Risk

Golf carts and utility carts may not be top of mind when you develop your fleet safety plan – but they may pose a greater danger than you think. The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates there are 15,000 golf cart-related … Continue reading

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Plan Ahead for Winter Driving

  Before you know it, winter will be here and along with it the hazards of winter driving. Safely navigating through the snow and ice takes a combination of planning ahead and making good decisions. As you prepare to drive … Continue reading

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Drowsy Driving Kills:
Protecting Your Employees

It’s Drive Safely Work Week—a great time to remind your employees of the dangers of drowsy driving. A factor in 21% of fatal crashes,1 drowsy driving can be just as deadly as driving under the influence of alcohol or other … Continue reading

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Business Auto Safety:
Are Nonowned Cars Your Blind Spot?

A partner at a consulting firm picked up his rental car in the middle of a downpour. His preferred model wasn’t available, so he quickly settled on an unfamiliar car. Driving to visit a client, he accidentally accelerated too quickly, … Continue reading

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Smartphone Games Usher in New Era of Distracted Walking

Smartphone games have captured the attention of millions of players this summer. New augmented reality (AR) games place life-like figures and objects in players’ camera screens as they walk with their smartphone in their hand. But these games’ popularity may lead … Continue reading

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The Ground Beneath Your Fleet

The extended cold snap in the United States, and icy conditions in parts of the country unaccustomed to such weather, has heightened the awareness of winter fleet safety.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy or icy pavement, and more than 1,300 people are killed annually in accidents taking place in those conditions.

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Signaling for Fleet Safety

According to a 2012 survey by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), turn signal neglect can cause up to 2 million accidents per year in the United States. SAE estimates drivers ignore or forget to use turn signals in nearly half of lane changes and a quarter of all turns.

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Fighting Fatigue

Tired drivers represent significant risk for commercial fleets, prompting initiatives to help drivers, dispatchers, and family members understand sleep’s critical role in reducing accidents. Although many people associate fatigue concerns with long-haul trucking, even a local delivery run can be … Continue reading

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