Retail Cyber Risk in the Post-Holiday Season

The holiday season has passed and many retailers have experienced a bounty of increased sales. Unfortunately, this is also a time where retailers become the most vulnerable and at risk for losses suffered at the hands of cyber criminals.

In fact, according to the Chubb Cyber Index, which includes more than two decades of claims data, there is typically a 35% increase in the number of cyber claims across all types and sizes of retail businesses during the holiday season. Continue reading

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Social Engineering Fraudsters Bait Small Business

When it comes to protecting their computer networks against hackers, companies have lots of software and hardware tools to help safeguard personal and proprietary data. But many times, employees may be the most tempting targets for criminals using social media as a tool to help them defraud companies.
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Data Diligence in Health Care

Protecting patient information is a serious concern for the health care industry as a whole, but doctors’ offices and smaller medical facilities are particularly vulnerable to data breaches because they often lack the resources to implement robust security measures.
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Trashing Bytes of Information

Before disposing of any computers, laptops or any other electronic equipment that may contain personal information about employees, clients or customers, you should make sure that the information has been completely destroyed.

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A Dose of Cyber Security

With the release of the two final rules for Stage 2 of the HITECH Act’s electronic health record incentive program, health care organizations should consider taking additional steps to protect their patients’ protected health information (PHI). The new mantra for … Continue reading

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