Social Engineering Fraudsters Bait Small Business

When it comes to protecting their computer networks against hackers, companies have lots of software and hardware tools to help safeguard personal and proprietary data. But many times, employees may be the most tempting targets for criminals using social media as a tool to help them defraud companies.
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Safeguarding Your Accounts

Cyber thieves can assume fake identities, like couriers, to spy for computer passwords or personal data they can use to access a company’s data or an employee’s bank account or credit information.

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Data Protection for Smaller Firms

If large companies and governments worldwide are having a hard time preventing a data breach, what’s a small to midsize business (SMB) to do to protect itself from a data breach?

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Understanding Cyber Insurance

As I speak with small to medium size business(SMB) owners about cyber breach, I’ve discovered there’s some misunderstanding about their risk and how their current insurance program will respond to this type of loss. Often they believe that their general liability policy will … Continue reading

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Law Firms in Sight of Cyber Thieves

As high-profile data breaches continue to make news, the threat of cyber attacks and data theft to businesses is growing – and law firms are becoming an increasingly common target as cyber criminals recognize the potentially lucrative opportunity to be … Continue reading

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Small Biz Vulnerable to Cyber Breaches

Almost every small business is charged with managing company and customer data electronically. While the headlines may broadcast data breaches at large companies, small companies are also susceptible to data theft, fraud and other cyber-related risks. Symantec’s Small Business Survey … Continue reading

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