Are Your Directors & Officers Protected Abroad?

Small and mid-sized U.S. businesses (SMBs) planning to put down stakes overseas, should recognize the potential exposure their executives may face when they are abroad. Countries around the world have become more stringent about corporate governance, with regulators increasingly coordinating across borders. While major corporate scandals in developing countries have made headline news, SMBs should also expect greater scrutiny as regulators seek to tighten local and international enforcement. SMBs that have or are considering venturing abroad, would be wise to review the adequacy and breadth of their U.S. directors and officers (D&O) coverage around the globe. Continue reading

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Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance

As part of their Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance obligations, employers should establish best practices for addressing requests for workplace or job duty accommodations to improve response time, avoid on-the-fly decisions and foster equitable treatment of employees.
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Playing It Safe

Even the smallest business needs a safety program to help minimize injuries to employees and customers as well as property damage. And in today’s global economy, companies that purchase goods or services from other countries also need to be knowledgeable about their supply chain’s commitment to customer safety. Continue reading

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Comply, Defy or Deny?

One regulatory issue that impacts any company that operates abroad is the need to comply with admitted insurance requirements that are in effect in many countries. Admitted insurance laws can require that insurance coverage is purchased from locally licensed carriers. Continue reading

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