Leasing to a Pop-Up Shop? Watch for Hidden Risks

Once confined to Halloween and holiday fare, pop-up stores have proliferated, selling everything from fine silk to skater gear. For retailers, pop-ups can be a way to move from online to a brick-and-mortar presence, generate buzz for a new or growing product line, or move large quantities of inventory.

If you own or manage commercial real estate, pop-up shops can make good business sense for your firm, too. Need to fill vacant space and bring in revenue at the same time? Want to draw more people in with popular products? Looking for potential leads to long-term leases? Pop-ups might be the answer.

But before you sign that next short-term lease, consider the potential downsides. New pop-ups can introduce unanticipated risks that the space may not have been designed to address.
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Creating a Snow Removal Plan: The Essential Elements

Argos, Blanche and Caly, the first named winter storms of the season, are sending a clear warning to property owners and managers: Time to dust off the snow removal plan. If you are responsible for your organization’s snow removal planning, taking … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Woes Where Least Expected

Frozen water pipes. Black ice. Burst sprinkler pipes. While they may not be new risks in the commercial real estate sector, loss trends suggest that these are growing problems in areas not typically affected by cold weather. In this short … Continue reading

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One Slip is All It Takes

Slips, trips and falls are near the top of the real estate general liability risk list. From a shopping mall to an office building, all building owners and managers must confront this hazard and mitigate the risks of injuries, legal costs and negative publicity from a potential lawsuit.
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Preventing Slip-and-Falls

Building owners and business managers, beware, slip-and-fall accidents top the real estate general liability risk list. The potential legal costs are significant and compounded by indirect costs such as negative publicity and reputational risk. Fortunately, these accidents are largely preventable.

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