12 Steps to a Safer Construction Job Site

Safety Week (May 7 – 11, 2018) reminds us of the importance of bringing continued awareness and focus to the risks associated with the construction industry — and taking proactive measures to help combat these risks and make the construction industry safer. This same focus should be carried out throughout the year, making safety our everyday goal. Continue reading

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Slip and Fall Prevention during Boat Shows

Boat dealers, boat builders, marinas, and yacht clubs alike have the opportunity to meet potential and current customers, showcase inventory, and furthermore, make sales during Boat Shows.

Unfortunately, there is often a heightened risk of trip and fall incidents occurring at Boat Shows due to the environment and setting by the water. Where such incidents occur, current or potential customers may develop some animosity toward Boat Show hosts and vendors, and might assert claims of liability for such incidents based on negligence, as well. Fortunately, there are proactive steps owners and boat dealers can take to help reduce the likelihood of slip and fall incidents at Boat Shows.
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Lawnmower Safety: An Underestimated Fleet Safety Risk

Commercial lawnmowers are complex machines, and even the most experienced operator may occasionally overlook safety precautions.

But lawn mowers remain an underestimated fleet safety risk. What can you and your employees do to help prevent accidents?
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Golf Carts: An Underestimated Fleet Safety Risk

Golf carts and utility carts may not be top of mind when you develop your fleet safety plan – but they may pose a greater danger than you think. The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates there are 15,000 golf cart-related … Continue reading

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Driving Home Road Safety for Truckers

Commercial drivers are logging more miles, and more miles will lead to more collisions. Although reducing collisions will take a joint effort between truck manufacturers, government regulators and the trucking industry, trucking companies can take some immediate steps to help improve driver safety. Continue reading

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Smartphone Games Usher in New Era of Distracted Walking

Smartphone games have captured the attention of millions of players this summer. New augmented reality (AR) games place life-like figures and objects in players’ camera screens as they walk with their smartphone in their hand. But these games’ popularity may lead … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Woes Where Least Expected

Frozen water pipes. Black ice. Burst sprinkler pipes. While they may not be new risks in the commercial real estate sector, loss trends suggest that these are growing problems in areas not typically affected by cold weather. In this short … Continue reading

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Help Avoid Infectious Diseases While Traveling

Keeping travelers healthy on business trips is a major concern for employers. As employees go to both high and low risk destinations all over the world, the threat of contracting infectious diseases becomes a reality. Continue reading

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Protecting Employees Abroad with Kidnap and Ransom Coverage

As small businesses grow, so do their exposures, particularly when they begin doing business in foreign countries. Increasingly, those risks include kidnapping. As executives visit their own facilities or vendor locations abroad, such as contract manufacturing plants, they can become targets for kidnapping and ransom schemes. That risk stems partly from the perception that the U.S. business people can afford to pay a hefty ransom. And in comparison to the local population in many emerging markets, U.S. executives do have far more resources. Continue reading

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Staying Healthy During Business Travel

We all hate getting sick, especially when we are away from the comfort of our own home and without access to our family physician. Employees who travel on business are faced with this concern. Getting sick can mean missed meetings, shortened trips, or just not being at peak performance. However, an employer is also impacted by a sick employee. Employers may face the costs of rising expenses of hospital and physician bills worldwide, and travel-related costs such as non-refundable tickets and hotel reservations. Indirect costs can include lost time and productivity as well as decreased employee morale. Continue reading

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