EEOC Charges Up, But You Can’t Blame Unemployment

Charges filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are on the uptick — while unemployment remains at record lows. After rising to a height of 10% in 2009, unemployment has fallen by more than 50%. In contrast, EEOC charges are less than 10% below their peak, and they’re trending upward. Continue reading

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Do Private Companies Face a Greater D&O Risk Than They Realize?

According to Chubb’s 2016 survey of 1,012 private company executives in the U.S. and Canada — our sixth survey since 2003 — the answer is a resounding “yes.” Chubb’s 2016 Private Company Risk Survey shows that more than one in … Continue reading

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Managing Liability Risks of Government IT Contractors

As data breaches become more common and potentially involve higher volumes of more sensitive information, government technology providers are increasingly being asked to assume higher levels of liability under IT services contracts. Continue reading

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Help Avoid Infectious Diseases While Traveling

Keeping travelers healthy on business trips is a major concern for employers. As employees go to both high and low risk destinations all over the world, the threat of contracting infectious diseases becomes a reality. Continue reading

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Protecting Employees Abroad with Kidnap and Ransom Coverage

As small businesses grow, so do their exposures, particularly when they begin doing business in foreign countries. Increasingly, those risks include kidnapping. As executives visit their own facilities or vendor locations abroad, such as contract manufacturing plants, they can become targets for kidnapping and ransom schemes. That risk stems partly from the perception that the U.S. business people can afford to pay a hefty ransom. And in comparison to the local population in many emerging markets, U.S. executives do have far more resources. Continue reading

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Staying Healthy During Business Travel

We all hate getting sick, especially when we are away from the comfort of our own home and without access to our family physician. Employees who travel on business are faced with this concern. Getting sick can mean missed meetings, shortened trips, or just not being at peak performance. However, an employer is also impacted by a sick employee. Employers may face the costs of rising expenses of hospital and physician bills worldwide, and travel-related costs such as non-refundable tickets and hotel reservations. Indirect costs can include lost time and productivity as well as decreased employee morale. Continue reading

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Navigating Liability Risks in Emerging Markets

In an interconnected world, emerging markets can offer attractive opportunities for U.S. small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Emerging markets and developing economies should account for more than 70 percent of global growth in 2015, the International Monetary Fund estimates. U.S.-based SMBs considering business opportunities in emerging markets or developing nations need to do their homework when it comes to the potential liability risks and gaps in insurance coverage they may face. Continue reading

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Are Your Directors & Officers Protected Abroad?

Small and mid-sized U.S. businesses (SMBs) planning to put down stakes overseas, should recognize the potential exposure their executives may face when they are abroad. Countries around the world have become more stringent about corporate governance, with regulators increasingly coordinating across borders. While major corporate scandals in developing countries have made headline news, SMBs should also expect greater scrutiny as regulators seek to tighten local and international enforcement. SMBs that have or are considering venturing abroad, would be wise to review the adequacy and breadth of their U.S. directors and officers (D&O) coverage around the globe. Continue reading

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Avoiding Claims-Made Challenges for Life Sciences Companies

Life sciences companies looking to maximize the certainty and effectiveness of their products liability insurance need to understand the nuances of their policy language — particularly policies issued on a claims-made basis. 

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A New Cyber Risk for Corporate Boards

Corporate directors and officers who don’t take an active interest in cyber security may find themselves the next target – not of hackers – but of shareholder lawsuits. Two derivative lawsuits were filed last year by shareholders naming directors and officers of large consumer-facing companies after cyber attacks that exposed massive amounts of personal information. The lawsuits, asserting breach of fiduciary duty and other claims, sought to hold the boards responsible for the damage caused by cyber attacks. Continue reading

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