Leasing to a Pop-Up Shop? Watch for Hidden Risks

Once confined to Halloween and holiday fare, pop-up stores have proliferated, selling everything from fine silk to skater gear. For retailers, pop-ups can be a way to move from online to a brick-and-mortar presence, generate buzz for a new or growing product line, or move large quantities of inventory.

If you own or manage commercial real estate, pop-up shops can make good business sense for your firm, too. Need to fill vacant space and bring in revenue at the same time? Want to draw more people in with popular products? Looking for potential leads to long-term leases? Pop-ups might be the answer.

But before you sign that next short-term lease, consider the potential downsides. New pop-ups can introduce unanticipated risks that the space may not have been designed to address.
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Beyond the Buzz: Assessing Pop-Up Risks

A Cheetos-themed restaurant. A St. Ives skin care product mixing bar. A Metallica gear shop. Pop-up stores have come a long way.

If you’re looking to move from online to a physical location, generate more buzz for your brand, or create an immersive customer experience, you’re likely considering a pop-up shop.
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Memory Care Facilities: Six Keys for Reducing Professional Liability Risks

Memory care facilities may be exposed to lawsuits that allege issues such as failure to screen residents for a higher level of care, insufficient staffing, inadequate management of care, and failure to maintain a safe, secure environment.

Fortunately, there are ways to help protect both your residents and your business. Start with these six key areas:
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Creating a Snow Removal Plan: The Essential Elements

Argos, Blanche and Caly, the first named winter storms of the season, are sending a clear warning to property owners and managers: Time to dust off the snow removal plan. If you are responsible for your organization’s snow removal planning, taking … Continue reading

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Contracts: An Underappreciated Snow Removal Tool

Winter is coming, and with it comes snow: beautiful to some, but a potential liability to others. For building owners and property managers, snow means constant vigilance to prevent falls and other snow-related accidents. These injuries can pose significant liability. … Continue reading

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Plan Ahead for Winter Driving

  Before you know it, winter will be here and along with it the hazards of winter driving. Safely navigating through the snow and ice takes a combination of planning ahead and making good decisions. As you prepare to drive … Continue reading

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Preparing for an Aging Hospitality Workforce

The aging American workplace is emerging as a key issue for the hospitality industry.  Recent reports indicate that the population of people over 65 is expected to increase to 21.7% of the population by 2040.  As employee demographics in the hospitality … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite:
Protecting Student Travelers

Student travelers should be aware of the increase in bed bug infestations worldwide. While there are health and safety concerns in any location, students should be aware of the bed bug infestations plaguing anywhere from five-star resorts to roadside motels … Continue reading

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Are Rising Wages a Liability?

The hospitality industry has been closely watching the impact of minimum wage hikes, specifically in Los Angeles. In 2015, the city of Los Angeles raised minimum wages for hotels with more than 300 employees, basing the decision on the presence … Continue reading

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Closing the Gaps in Health Coverage

Many employers are grappling with the rising costs associated with providing health care insurance to their employees. As premiums have increased, and in an effort to mitigate those increases, many employers are looking for ways to expand their insurance choices. … Continue reading

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