Leasing to a Pop-Up Shop? Watch for Hidden Risks

Once confined to Halloween and holiday fare, pop-up stores have proliferated, selling everything from fine silk to skater gear. For retailers, pop-ups can be a way to move from online to a brick-and-mortar presence, generate buzz for a new or growing product line, or move large quantities of inventory.

If you own or manage commercial real estate, pop-up shops can make good business sense for your firm, too. Need to fill vacant space and bring in revenue at the same time? Want to draw more people in with popular products? Looking for potential leads to long-term leases? Pop-ups might be the answer.

But before you sign that next short-term lease, consider the potential downsides. New pop-ups can introduce unanticipated risks that the space may not have been designed to address.
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Beyond the Buzz: Assessing Pop-Up Risks

A Cheetos-themed restaurant. A St. Ives skin care product mixing bar. A Metallica gear shop. Pop-up stores have come a long way.

If you’re looking to move from online to a physical location, generate more buzz for your brand, or create an immersive customer experience, you’re likely considering a pop-up shop.
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Contracts: An Underappreciated Snow Removal Tool

Winter is coming, and with it comes snow: beautiful to some, but a potential liability to others. For building owners and property managers, snow means constant vigilance to prevent falls and other snow-related accidents. These injuries can pose significant liability. … Continue reading

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The Zika Virus: 4 Steps the Hospitality Industry Must Take to Protect Guests and Employees

As the world converges in Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics this August, the risk of the Zika virus, which made headlines for causing symptoms such as fever and severe birth defects, is a big part of the conversation … Continue reading

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The 2016 Olympics:
A Guidepost for Large-Scale Event Risk Assessment

As the world prepares for the kickoff of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this August, the real estate and hospitality industry can learn a great deal from an event of this magnitude. While your events may not … Continue reading

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Is Your Store Ready to Pop Up?

With the year-end holiday season over, research and negotiation has started in earnest for pop-up retail stores planning to open later this year. With merchants racing to capture the best space, it’s important to understand not only contract terms, but also the potential risks and hassles, to avoid making crucial mistakes in the rush to sign a lease. Continue reading

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Pop-Up Store Key Considerations

The growing popularity of pop-up stores can offer opportunities, but also challenges for building owners and property managers. While even a short-term occupancy can be better than having a space remaining vacant, you need to perform due diligence and consider a variety of factors before turning over the keys to a pop-up merchant. Continue reading

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When Santa and the Elves Vacation

An inside secret up at the North Pole is that after working 24/7 for many months, Santa and the elves typically go on a nice long holiday to a tropical island for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  After he returns, … Continue reading

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Safeguarding Customers On Black Friday

For retailers, customer safety has become as important to Black Friday planning as cutting prices and scheduling team members. With customers and retailers alike counting the hours until Black Friday savings are available, it’s important for businesses to understand the potential hazards and to make the appropriate plans. Continue reading

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Protecting Vacant Buildings Critical for Landlords

Flat demand in commercial real estate markets and recent announcements of once-prominent big-box retailers reducing their numbers of stores is likely to increase the number of vacant properties – and the resulting headaches for landlords. While nobody wants a vacant … Continue reading

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