Protecting Santa’s Elves

Many children around the world look forward to December 25 and the arrival of Santa Claus with a sled loaded with toys. Santa’s elves are working throughout the year to ready those toys—assembling them in Santa’s North Pole workshop or traveling across borders to meet with manufacturers to order product components or products. Fortunately for the elves, Santa has them protected in case of injury or illness as they toil away in the workshop or travel around the world.

Santa is serious about risk management and has assigned one of his elves the task of safety director. The safety director has developed a regular inspection program to insure that all the elves are wearing proper hearing protection, that all walkways and parking lots are properly cleared of snow, and that the workshop meets all the North Poles fire codes.

When elves are on the road, Santa has foreign voluntary workers compensation to help compensate the elves if they are injured or become ill during their work abroad. He’s also purchased a business travel accident policy to help his elves get the proper medical care or emergency evacuation when they are doing business outside the North Pole.

It’s quite clear that Santa is a caring employer. This holiday season make sure your “elves” have the right protection wherever they are working.

Categories: Management Liability

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