Retail Cyber Risk in the Post-Holiday Season

Anthony DolceThe holiday season has passed and many retailers have experienced a bounty of increased sales. Unfortunately, this is also a time where retailers become the most vulnerable and at risk for losses suffered at the hands of cyber criminals.

In fact, according to the Chubb Cyber Index, which includes more than two decades of claims data, there is typically a 35% increase in the number of cyber claims across all types and sizes of retail businesses during the holiday season. Continue reading

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How Personal Mishaps Can Stunt Your Small Business’ Growth

Like many other small business owners, you may have most of your personal capital tied up within your business and view your personal and business wealth as one large pool. While understandable, this mindset can unexpectedly impact your overall wealth in the event of personal property damage or an accident.

Consider that something as small as a candle, left lit and forgotten too close to a wall or a cabinet in your home, can cost upwards of $350,000 in fire damages. To make matters worse, if you don’t have sufficient insurance coverage for your home, you may be left paying for part of those repairs out-of-pocket. Continue reading

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Retail Cyber Risks…Explained

Lauren GorteThe holidays are a busy retail season – for both the consumer and the retailer. Technology impacts nearly every aspect of the retail experience – from online browsing and in-person geolocation advertising – and it requires mobile payments. And with these technologies comes risk – cyber risk, specifically – to both the consumer and the retailer. According to the Chubb Cyber IndexSM, we’ve seen more than a 50% increase in incidents for retailers over the past five years, and the average incident response cost for incidents in the retail industry in the last three years cost close to an average of $600,000, including nearly $500,000 in forensic fees. Continue reading

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What to Know When Preparing Marina Storage Agreements

John VennemanMarine facilities such as marinas, yacht clubs and boatyards provide valuable access to vessel berthing, mooring and storage for boat owners. The amenities and services provided by these marine facilities can be a welcome resource for boat owners along any stretch of water.

The relationship between a marina, yacht club or boatyard and a vessel owner can be a mutually beneficial one, but complications in the use of such marine facilities can arise. For that reason, boat slip rights of usage should not be casual arrangements and typically should be memorialized in writing. Continue reading

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Maintaining a Safe Environment at Your Fuel Dock

Barry TarnefA fuel dock may be considered an amenity to some boaters, but it is a tangible added value to a marina, yacht club or boatyard. Though fueling services come with many positives, there are also exposures associated with flammable liquids, namely fires and explosions, and even spillage, which can create the potential for contamination and cleanup obligations. Continue reading

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Launching and Haulout Best Practices

John VennemanAs marina and boatyards operators, you have care, control and custody of precious cargo. During launching and hauling out operations, it is best to eliminate the potential for damage to the boats, property, staff, and visitors. Continue reading

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12 Steps to a Safer Construction Job Site

George CesariniSafety Week (May 7 – 11, 2018) reminds us of the importance of bringing continued awareness and focus to the risks associated with the construction industry — and taking proactive measures to help combat these risks and make the construction industry safer. This same focus should be carried out throughout the year, making safety our everyday goal.

Continue reading

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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA):
Making Room for Creativity

Sonja TeagueWhen you think of FMLA, you may not think of advocacy, creativity, and understanding.

That’s understandable. FMLA is designed specifically to offer job protection for employees. Yet employers can manage FMLA leave in a way that reduces the significant costs associated with leave while also improving the employee experience.

How can you advocate for your employees and also keep organizational costs in check? Start with these steps. Continue reading

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Slip and Fall Prevention during Boat Shows

Kim FinlayBoat dealers, boat builders, marinas, and yacht clubs alike have the opportunity to meet potential and current customers, showcase inventory, and furthermore, make sales during boat shows.

Unfortunately, there is often a heightened risk of trip and fall incidents occurring at boat shows due to the environment and setting by the water. Where such incidents occur, current or potential customers may develop some animosity toward boat show hosts and vendors, and might assert claims of liability for such incidents based on negligence, as well. Fortunately, there are proactive steps owners and boat dealers can take to help reduce the likelihood of slip and fall incidents at boat shows. Continue reading

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Leasing to a Pop-Up Shop? Watch for Hidden Risks

Jay Taylor
Once confined to Halloween and holiday fare, pop-up stores have proliferated, selling everything from fine silk to skater gear. For retailers, pop-ups can be a way to move from online to a brick-and-mortar presence, generate buzz for a new or growing product line, or move large quantities of inventory.

If you own or manage commercial real estate, pop-up shops can make good business sense for your firm, too. Need to fill vacant space and bring in revenue at the same time? Want to draw more people in with popular products? Looking for potential leads to long-term leases? Pop-ups might be the answer. Continue reading

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